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CPR For Daycare Providers

Grand Rapids Healthcare provides CPR and First Aid for daycare licensing that is approved for Daycare Providers & Baby Sitters.

Blood Borne Pathogens is included in the class at no extra cost.

We are approved by the Michigan Bureau of Children and Adult Licensing to provide adult, infant, and child CPR and/or First Aid training to child care providers and caregivers because of our status with the AHA. (1973 PA 116)

We conduct classes for small groups (even for one person). Give us a call and we will make getting your card a no hassle experience.

You’ll find that we are much lower cost than others. Beware of others that sell you one part at a time. If they do not package everything you need for licensing into one class, don’t use them.

West Michigan CPR, Grand Rapids CPR, wherever in Michigan you may be, we can help. We have classes for just one person, or for a group. Check out or schedule, or give us a call.

Call (616) 947-1007.

Grand Rapids Healthcare Training
Grand Rapids, Michigan