Due to the Covid 19 positivity rate starting on 11/6/2020, we have been forced once again to pause all in person classes. We do still have the remote class option available to you for CPR & First Aid ONLY NOT BLS. Click here to sign up for the remote class option.

If you are frustrated with this, so are we.

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Be sure to thank the people you see who are not wearing masks or…..
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wearing ‘chin diapers’ for class cancellations.

Because of social distancing due to Covid 19 we are required to have changes in classes we teach.  With changes in health recommendations we can not teach classes outside our office.  We have a training room large enough for social distancing that is sanitized every few days and cleaned every day.   Our manikins and equipment are sanitized after every student use.

We can only teach at our location (to ensure a sanitized area for your staff or remotely for the time being until given the all clear from health officials that is it permissible to teach at your site (sorry, we wish we didn’t have to have you go through this).

-No more than 9 students in one class at a time.
-Your staff will bring your own cloth mask and must wear it during the class. No exceptions.
-You agree you will wear gloves that we provide for the entire class.
-You agree to abide by social distancing by maintaining a minimum of 6 feet between you and all other attendees.
-All students will have their own set of equipment & you will not share your equipment.
-You will not have any food or drink inside the training room.

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