CPR and First Aid Classes


This is a traditional classroom course. It’s the course you’ll need to take whether you are new or renewing.

The ECSI First Aid CPR AED program for helping adults, children & infants. It includes fundamental concepts of providing high-quality cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), using an automated external defibrillator (AED), and giving basic first aid for medical emergencies like trouble breathing, choking, allergic reactions, EPI Pens, heart attack, stroke, seizures and more. Also included is first aid for wounds, burns, broken bones and environmental emergencies such as animal bites, heat & cold emergencies, poisoning, and more.

This course is for people who aren’t healthcare providers but need the basic skills that might save a life or prevent further injury. This course is open anyone.

The course is approved by the State of Michigan for licensing for daycare, teaching, construction and other license requirements. The course also meets or exceeds the requirements of many insurance companies that require basic training in CPR / First Aid in the workplace.

At the end of he class you will get a card issued by ECSI, the Emergency Cardiovascular Safety Institute.

If your job asked for a “BLS For Healthcare Providers card,” this is NOT it! You’ll need to click here and find a class with BLS in the title. If you are not sure which card you are required to get for your job, please contact your boss so we can get you into the right class!

Cards are good for 2 years from the time they are issued.

Plan on setting aside 3 1/2 hours for this class. Sometimes it’s less because we have enough equipment to go around & people don’t need to share manikins. Also, we run small classes and are able to accomplish in a short amount of time what other places take a ton of time to do.

When you come to our office, park in the lot in back and enter in an on the doors. We are also on the Rapid Line with a stop outside our office (check the Rapid info for: 44th at 2186 44th (#746)).

We are required to purchase items for every person who attends our classes, so there are no refunds. If you change the date of your class for any reason a $25 fee will be charged.

Class Location:
2180 44th Street SE

Suite 105
Grand Rapids, Mi 49508

Tel. 616-947-1007