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CPR Classes Online

The question of whether an online CPR class will be accepted comes down to one question:
Is it done 100% online?
If the answer is yes, then it will NOT be accepted by any credible healthcare organization. Other employers will also not accept it.

I know you’ve probably have seen a bunch of online websites selling a certificate, but think about it. Why would any organization that needs to comply with government regulations or OSHA say it’s OK for you to do it online when the regulatory people say it’s not…they wouldn’t. Just because someone sells a card, doesn’t mean it has any value.

I know you are looking for a quick and easy way to get your card, but the only alternative for people needing a card without spending a bunch of time in class is to do a ‘blended’ course. The blended course offered by us from the American Heart Association is NOT 100% online. You do the bookwork stuff, watching the videos, etc… online and then come in and do a skills session in person. So we make sure you understood all the concepts and can actually do CPR.

The same card is issued after a blended class as the one issued after a 4 hour class. The great thing is that you can pretty much get the entire process done in 2 hours of total time. Again, the only one accepted is from the AHA. You can sign up for it here. We also offer traditional classroom classes as well.

If you have questions give me, Jeff, a call at 616-947-1007.

CPR For Teachers

First Aid and CPR Requirements for the Initial Certification of Michigan Teachers.
According to the State of Michigan:
Coursework must include first aid, adult CPR, and child CPR.

Online courses are not acceptable (our blended option IS acceptable!) – learning first aid and CPR requires demonstration and practice.

Candidates are to provide the actual card(s) to the teacher preparation institution for photocopying. The institution will keep the copies with the candidates’ academic records.

Grand Rapids Healthcare Training is an Approved Provider of Courses for First Aid and CPR for Michigan licensing for provisional or student teacher certification.

For new or renewing cardholders.
Approximately 4 hours.

Sign up for a class now!

If sitting in a classroom for an entire class isn’t your thing, you can sign up for a class that is 1 hour of a skills check in our office and the rest of the class (watching the videos, the bookwork type of stuff) done online with the American Heart Association. Yes, it’s accepted by the State of Michigan for licensing. You get the same card, but much less time commitment. Check out the Class Schedules calendar and look for a class with the word “blended” in the title.

Questions? Call (616) 947-1007.